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 Welcome to lillylibrarian's PBworks page!


 This wiki will include a brief e-portfolio & CV  


UNT system CV   2017-2020-Ramin-Lilly-CV.pdf

PDFs go to: DELRTprogramTLA2011thanks.pdf  | Day of DH: DayofDHMarch2018LightningTalkRealtoReal_Ramin,Guerrero.pdf

(2021 activities draft)



Non-degree completed courses: M.A. coursework in English, University of North Texas
May 2006: Master of Library Science, Concentration: academic libraries, Texas Woman's University (BPM nominee)
May 2003: B.A., English Literature, University of Houston (graduated Magna Cum Laude)

Special Training/Certifications:

  • UNT, Inclusion, Equity, and Community Building Series, certificate 2018 
  • ALA Emerging Leaders Program 2012
  • ALA ACRL Immersion, Teacher Track, 2010
  • North Texas 23 Things Leadership Team 2009
  • Houston Read Commission E.S.L. Training, 2003 




Professional Experience:

Librarian 2007-present

  • First Year Experience Coordinator |Subject Librarian for Sociology and Strategic Retention Initiatives
  • First Year Experience (on-going Instructional Technologies Librarian)  | Subject Librarian for Sociology
  • Instructional Technologies +First Year Experience Librarian, Subject Librarian for Sociology, University of North Texas Libraries
  • Virtual Reference Coordinator, University of North Texas Libraries, RIS dept. 2007-2015

Teaching/Adjunct work: 

  • Adjunct instructor (original course built) for core Information Sources Graduate Class, Texas Women's University, 2012
  • Undergraduate Students First Year Seminar instructor and subject librarian, 2009-2011
  • Teaching Assistant, Texas Woman's University, School of Library and Information Studies, Graduate school. 

Grant work:

Primary Investigator, TSLAC grant for Denton Inquiry for Lifelong Learning (DI4LL) project. 


Professional Association Service Groups/Roles:


Chair (2021-present) Co-Chair 2020-2021, Association of College and Research Libraries: New Roles and Changing Landscapes (ACRL-NRCL), Diversity Pipeline Subcommitee
Chair, LITA Instructional Technologies IG.  (American Library Association, LITA division)

LOCAL CHAPTER(of International Organization)
Secretary and website admin, Beta Phi Mu Beta Lambda Chapter

UNIVERSITY (of North Texas):

  • ·       Founder, Facilitator and Webmaster, Reel To Real Classics Film Group (UNT/Denton)
  • ·       Undergraduate Student Library Advisory Board Faculty Advisor
  • ·       Student Support Task Force, Library Representative (group not active)
  • ·       LibGuides Admin Team 
  • Library Diversity Council (inagural board year) (2020-2021), contributor to Library Climate Survey customization (2020)
    • Student Equity Subgroup (present)


  • Barham, R., Keshmiripour, S., Ramin, L., Venner, M. (2018). Student library advisory boards: Engaging students in the library experience and communicating the library’s value. Successful Campus Outreach Programs and Activities for Academic Libraries. 185-202. Rowman & Littlefield.
  • Fuller, Cherry, Kearley, Donna, Byerly, Gayla; Ramin, Lilly. “Community Collaboration for Inquiry Success.” Knowledge Quest, Nov/Dec 2014.
  • Hoffman, Starr and Lilly Ramin. "Best Practices for Librarians Embedded in Online Courses," Public Services Quarterly, 6.2 &3. (April 2010): 292-305. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/15228959.2010.497743
  • Downey, Annie, Lilly Ramin, and Gayla Byerly. "Simple Ways to Add Active Learning to Your Library Instruction." Texas Library Journal, 84.2  (Summer 2008): 52-54  
  • Byerly, Gayla, Downey, Annie, and Lilly Ramin. "Footholds and foundations: Setting Freshman on the Path to Lifelong Learning" Reference Services Review 34.2 ( Fall 2006): 589-598
  • Cognotes. American Library Association Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA (Summer 2006)



Upcoming poster presentation at NCORE



Bobbi Newman, Kirsch, B. (Presenter), and Lilly Ramin American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference," Instructional Technologies tool share and LITA guide on privacy," Library Information and Technology Association, Washington, DC, United States of America. (June 24, 2019).

Ramin, L. (Panelist), Cunningham, M. (Panelist), Silva, J. (Panelist), Downey, A. (Panelist), Sanders, C. (Panelist), Association of Research Libraries (ACRL), "Getting Uncomfortable is Good for You: Turning Narrative into Action with Allyship and Advocacy," Cleveland, OH, United States of America. (April 12, 2019).


Conference: American Library Association Annual 2018 Annual Conference. New Orleans: June 21-26, 2018

Ramin, L. (Presenter), Kirsch, B. (Presenter), American Library Association Annual Conference, Instructional Technologies IG and LITA Guides: A discussion, Library Information and Technology Association, New Orleans, LA, United States of America.

Conference: American Library Association Annual 2018 Annual Conference. New Orleans: June 21-26, 2018

  • PRESENTATION "Instructional Technologies IG and LITA Guides: A discussion"(June 25th 10:30) with Breanne Kirsch
  • POSTER  (Tweet with pic with Greg Hardin, co-presenter) Teamwork, Communication, and Critical Thinking: Librarian/University Collaboration for E-Portfolio 
  • Meeting for LITA Instructional Technologies IG --minutes on ALA Connect

Event: Day of DH (Digital Humanities) at UNT Libraries


Conference: Cross-Timbers Library Consortia (CTLC) August 2017

    Dooley, Y. (Author & Presenter), Ramin, L. Cross-Timbers Library Consortia (CTLC) Conference, Bridging Connections: Mentoring and Being Mentored, Texas Woman's University, Denton, TX,
    Guerrero, S. (Presenter), Ramin, L. (Author & Presenter), Cross-Timbers Library Consortia (CTLC) Conference, Promoting Classic Films and Cultural Dialog through Collaboration, Texas Woman's University, Denton, TX,  

Conference: American Library Association 2017 Annual Conference Chicago, IL: June 27-July 2, 2013

  • Ramin, L. (Presenter), First Flight: Collaborating across campus to establish FYE Librarian led sessions for incoming freshman and transfer students, American Library Association, Reference and User Services Association- First Year Experience (RUSA-FYE), Chicago, IL, United States of America. (2017 – 2017).


Ramin, L. (Author & Presenter), American Library Association, Making Mentoring Matter, LearnRT Sponsor, Orlando, FL, United States of America.


Conference: American Library Association Annual 2015 Annual Conference. San Francisco, CA: June 25-30, 2015  

  • (Invited) “Strategies on training and development using existing resources and multiple formats.” In person presentation with online graphic/poster. 1.5 hours. Learning Roundtable (LearnRT) Best Practices in Training. American Library Association(ALA) Conference, San Francisco, CA  2015 Learnt ALA presentation

Event: DCCD Staff Development Day (Invited, regional)

  • E-Portfolios for Libraries. Dallas Community College District (DCCD) Dallas, TX. June 5, 2015  


Conference: Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) March 2015 (2 presentations)

     1. Roundtable “Exploring ACRL’s Draft Framework for IL as Applied to Undergraduate Social Science Research and Instruction,” Association of College and Research Libraries      (ACRL), Portland, OR. March 26, 2015. I wrote the proposal. I facilitated with Dr. Annie Downey.

     2. Conference Book Club (The “Community” Read): The Butterfly Mosque by G. Willow Wilson. Facilitated this session, after creating Conference Reads Program for (Team      Engagement Team Lead & Creator of Book Club GoodReads site) for ACRL Innovations Committee new program Association College and Research Libraries, (ACRL), Portland,OR, March 26, 2015.


Conference: Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) 2014 |   “Denton Inquiry 4 Lifelong Learning (DI4LL)” Dallas, TX. July 25, 2014.
     Information about the #di4ll collaborative project with Denton school, academic and public libraries using inquiry,  
     and TSLAC funded grant activities (see UNT grant story here

Conference:  ALA Annual Conference 2014 Las Vegas, NV. June 28, 2014.

  1. Presentation on training, mentoring, and technology. Presentation. Learning Roundtable (LearnRT) Showcase.  Poster and discussion.
  2. Embedding Librarians in Virtual Communities (invited, panel). In my section, I discussed in experiences in virtual spaces such as Blackboard and PBworks and the use of such as instant messaging and web conferencing tool to reach off campus users. (See ASCLA sponsored program here). 

Conference:  June 19, 2014, Texas Association of School Library Administrators (TASLA), Austin, TX. 

  • Presentation on the Denton Inquiry 4 LifeLong Project and Texas Archives & Library Commission Cooperation Grant (With Cherry Fuller, Gayla Byerly & Donna Kearley).

Conference: American Library Association - Midwinter  – January 26, 2014 Philadelphia, PA

  • Tech Tools and Platforms for instruction Pros and Cons” for ALA LITA Instructional Technologies IG. With Beth Filar-Williams.


Conference:  Library Expo  October 18, 2013 (Invited) Plano, TX

  • Panel discussion for Library Expo – school librarian conference. Topic: Post- Secondary Career and College Readiness: What K-12 Librarian need to Reinforce in students before they reach college/Academic Librarian Session. (description here)

Conference: American Library Association Annual 2013 Chicago, IL.

  • Invited Presentation at LearnRT Training Showcase “Developing Technology Instruction Sessions: The 5 P Model” with poster. June 30, 2013


Conference: LIRT Summit 2012 Sept 28, 2012, Dallas, TX

Texas Library Association (TLA) Library Instruction Roundtable (LIRT)| 2 sessions:

  1. Keynote presentation (invited): "E-portfolios: Demonstrating professional activities online and asserting what it really means to be a librarian to your community & profession." 
  2. "Using Video, Visuals, and Interactive Elements to reach students in class and beyond." (With Kayci Barnett, Emily Fowler Library)

Conference:   TechNet (August 9, 2012/ Irving, TX)

  • "The Resident Techie: Tools & Tips for the Role-Shifting Librarian" (With Kayci Barnett)

Conference: ALA Annual Conference, June 25, 2012

  • “Expert Profile System: Connecting Collaborators” Emerging Leaders Poster Presentation."


Conference:TLA District 7, October 6, 2011

  1. “Your Guide to Guides” with Greg Hardin, TWU Libraries.
  2.  “Terrific Tech Tools” with Greg Hardin, TWU Libraries.

Conference: American Library Association Annual Conference- June 26, 2011

  • Working Towards Transliteracy” (Invited Panel)

Conference: Texas Library Association Annual Conference 2011


Conference: Texas Library Association Annual Conference 2010

  • “Best Practices for Librarians Embedded in Online Courses” Contributed Paper Session


Conference: Texas Library Association District 7 conference. October 2009

  •  Beyond Lecture Style: Using Active Learning Techniques in Academic Libraries  (TLA District 7 conference schedule PDF


Conference: NTRLS TechNet 2009 

  • The Social Web: Why It Matters to Librarians  

Greg Hardin, Librarian & Adjunct Faculty - TWU; Lilly Ramin, Virtual Reference Coordinator - UNT Libraries; Shaun Seibel, Library Specialist and Web Designer - Discovery Park Library at UNT.

Conference: Texas Library Association Annual Conference 2009

  • " Chat and You: Virtual Reference Best Practices Applied"  (3-31-09) 

Speakers will cover standards for virtual reference including several of the ALA RUSA Guidelines for Implementing and Maintaining Virtual Reference Services using practical examples from vendor-based and freely-available software.

  • "Breaching the Distance: Using Wimba and Blackboard as Collaborative Tools"  (4-3-09)  

Course management software like Blackboard ™ have interactive features that are often underutilized. Through collaborative tools like Wimba™, a Web conferencing software, instructors create a conference with real-time interaction to walk participants through resource materials. (TLA 2009 Schedule of events)

Professional Activities

  1. Chair, April 2010-2011, Distributed E-Learning Roundtable
  2. Chair Elect, April 2009-2010, Distributed/E-Learning Interest Group for TLA
  3. Co-Chair, TLA  Events Committee, 2008
  4. Liaison and planner, TLA  Program Committee 2009

  • Denton Reads One Book One Community
    1. Co-chair for publicity and co-webmaster 2009: "Wicked" /2. Book Club Chair 2008: Ender's Game /3. Book Club Chair 2007:  "Legacy of Luna"
  • North Texas 23 Things Leadership Team (http://northtexas23.blogspot.com/) 
    Review participants' use of tools, and provide guidence. Also answer questions along via the team.


  • TWU Graduate Library and Information Studies Association President: 2005-2006
  • ALA Student to Staff participant, 2006
  • TWU Graduate Student Symposiumparticipant: Study of Relevant Humanities reference resources and their availability in electronic format"L.Ramin & Dr. E. McElrath*. School of Library and Information Studies. (PDF of Abstract )
    --TWU SLIS Spring 2006 newsletter includes student activities: Student symposium , Fall forum presentations, and ALA student chapter representative

Select Conferences Attended:

  • Educause 2006 (Dallas, TX) -  link
  • Association of College and Research Libraries Annual Conference (Baltimore 2007)
  • Internet Librarian 2009 (Monterey, CA)

Websites/Blogs I maintain: 

Blog I maintain for BPM: (honor society): http://bpmbetalambda.wordpress.com/ 

(23things)Blog: http://lillylibrarian.blogspot.com/

My site: http://lillylibrarian.wordpress.com/blog/
Reel to Real Film Group: http://guides.library.unt.edu/reeltoreal

Diversity & Inclusion:  guides.library.unt.edu/diversityinclusion

(Includes UNT Equity Diversity Conference information)


To see my portfolio template created for UNT students click here.   






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